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Freezer Repair in Bloomington MN - (612) 293-2007

Do you have freezer repair problems that need solved? Don’t leave yourself hanging, we are a trusted Bloomington freezer repair company that is eager to help.

We have provided a solution to those in need of a freezer repair in Bloomington MN for numerous years. We are happy to say that we have taken a top position in the Bloomington MN area’s appliance repair market. Here are some common issues we have seen over the years:

  • Constant or temporarily low temperatures.
  • Temperatures not reaching freezing point.
  • Frost accumulation inside the freezer.
  • No power being sent from the outlet to the freezer.

This is just a scratch at the surface when it comes to the issues that we have seen in freezers in our many years of providing our service of freezer repair in Bloomington MN.

We can handle any job.

They all start with:

  • An analysis on the freezer and why it’s not working.
  • A conclusion on which freezer parts, if any are causing the problem.
  • A calculation based on the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide for the cost of the repair.

If you do not want the repair, you just pay for the visit. If you do want to hire us, we will waive the visit fee and give you $10 off your first repair.

Our technician will then:

  • Purchase any needed freezer parts in Bloomington MN.
  • Return and install these freezer parts.
  • Test the freezer to make sure it works like new.

It’s that simple!

So if you are in the Bloomington MN area and need a freezer repair, simply call us at (612) 293-2007 and we will quickly send someone out to help you.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Is your freezer running all the time? If so, it’s possible that the problem is the result of issues with your main control board. However, this is a common misdiagnosis and it’s neither an easy diagnosis and it’s also irreparable. Therefore, it’s recommended that you leave it at the end of your process of elimination list. If it turns out to be the reason behind your freezer problems, you will have to purchase a new control board. This is also a job that should be left in the hands of a professional repairman.


Bloomington ASAP Appliance Repair

10504 France Ave S #194, Bloomington, MN 55431

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